Taurus telescopes are offered with two types of optics: manufactured by us and Orion Optisc mirrors with Hi-Lux coating (97% reflections). Available in several versions of manufacture precision: from 1/4 up to 1/10 P-V. Available with a full Zygo interferometer test report.

For more information on Orion Optics mirrors on the manufacturer’s website: Orion Optics UK Depending on the focal length following mirrors are available:

12″ 304 F/5 Taurus 93 or 96% 1/4  1/8
300 F/5.3 OOUK 97% 1/4  1/6  1/8  1/10
13″ 330 F/5 Taurus 93 or 96% 1/4  1/8
16″ 406 F/4.5 Taurus 93 or 96% 1/4  1/8
403 F/4.2 OOUK 97% 1/4  1/6  1/8  1/10
20″ 508 F/4.2 Taurus 93 or 96% 1/4  1/8
504 F/4 OOUK 97% 1/4  1/6  1/8  1/10

For production of mirrors we use carefully annealed glass SUPREMAX®33 (follower of the popular pyrex glass) manufactured by SCHOTT and N-BK7 glass. This material features very low thermal expansion coefficient as well as inflexibility. It is an attractive alternative for mirrors made of borosilicate glass. Glass production process is more complex and time-consuming which discourages many manufacturers, however the low price of ingredients make float glass much cheaper and worth attention. The float glass is less resistant to change of temperatures which results in more extensive deformations. At the same time it cools down faster, which shortens time of deformations. When the mirror reaches temperature of its surroundings it provides images identical to those provided by pyrex type glass. All parabolic mirrors have a precise marker placed on them in order to allow for more precise collimation. The edges are finished at 45º angle. Mirrors are made with the highest precision and carefulness by experience personnel. Hand-made shaped and constantly controlled during the whole process of production. All mirrors are several times checked with enhanced Foucault method and have unique serial number applied. Mirrors come in two versions: Standard or Professional.


Surface quality at least 1/4 P-V (Peak to Valley ratio) error. Standard Al + SiO2 overcoating of the mirror made with carefully annealed SUPREMAX® 33 N-BK7 glass or optionally float glass.


Quality at least 1/8 P-V. RMS -0.021 or better. Coatings reflecting 96%. Cross section controlled 4 cross sections). The results confirmed with certificate. Possible in version made of SUPREMAX or BK7 glass or float glass.

Our mirrors have top quality metalic-dielectric coatings made of aluminium secured with SiO2. Applied in vacuum chamber with an electron gun. Physical vapour deposition (PVD) method allows material to be distributed evenly and very precisely over the mirror’s surface. Thanks to the above the real surface performance is as high as 96% which is confirmed by spectrometer measurements. As a comparison: a typical mirror protected with silicon oxide has reflectivity index at level of 88-89%.

We also offer services of professional steaming of new mirrors and renewal of old mirror coatings. Enhanced coatings and Hi-Lux ones. Maximum mirror’s diameter possible for the above is 1100 mm. See Coating page for more info

You have not found in our offer the mirror of your interest? Please contact us. We fulfil individual commencements. Mirrors with diameters 10” – 25”.