Taurus T300 12″    F/5

Ultralight, compat telescope, weighing only 18 kg. It will fit into a trunk of any car without problems. Ideal for long trips, while looking for dark sky.


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Taurus T350 14″    F/4.8

T350 is a novelty in the Taurus offer. The telescope uses many solutions taken from larger models. . It’s the perfect compromise between the size of the aperture and the compact, lightweight design. T350 is prepared for mounting the DSC system. It has a central hole for mounting the counterweight and the main mirror cooling

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Taurus T400 16″    F/4.5

This telescope allows to take a look into a darkest places on the sky. Thanks to big aperture and focal ratio it’s ideal for observing deep sky objects, like distant galaxies and nebulae. Short focal length makes it possible to perform 100% observations while standing directly on the ground. With no extra steps.

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Taurus T500 20″    F/4.2

T500 means unlimited possibilities. Like a funnel in the rain, drop by drop, collects photons from the entire sky. The arms of spiral galaxies, globular clusters, separated into individual stars, down to the nucleus, causing heart beat faster. The weight of the telescope is only 44 kg

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Taurus T600 24″    F/4.2


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Is there no telescope in our offer that interests you? Write to us. We make telescopes individually for order. Diameter 10 – 30″.