All Tauruses are by default equipped with a 2” Crayford focuser with a 10:1 planetary transmission and reduction 2” into 1,25”. The reduction has thread for mounting 2” filters. Optionally telescope may be equipped with a different ocular focuser. We offer a few proven models:


2” Crayford focuser with 1:10 transmission, reduction  1.25”. Focus range: 40mm. Payload: 2.7 kg.


2" Linear Bearing type focuser with 1:10 dual-speed, reduction 1.25 and clamping ring. Focus range: 50 mm. Payload: up to 3-4 kg.


2" focuser Baader Diamond Steltrack BDS with 1:10 transmission and clamping rings. Focus range: 40 mm. Payload: 6 kg.



2" focuser MoonLite CR single thumb screw with reduction 1.25’ with clamping rings.



2" focuser MoonLite CR focuser dual rate 1:8 Tri-knob  and reduction 1.25’ with clamping rings. 



2” focuser Starlight Instruments Feather Touch FTF2015BCR. Features: 1:10 transmission, blockade, clamping ring. Payload: 4.5 kg .


Current prices and availability of goods to be found in our shop If you would like to buy a Taurus with some other focuser please feel free to e-mail us