Mirror cell

Large mirror have a tendency to bent under their own weight. This phenomenon might result in deterioration of image obtained from even the best mirror. In order to prevent the above we apply within our telescopes specially designed floating fittings, calculated for each mirror individually. Depending on a mirror’s parameters its weight is equally distributed onto 9, 18 or 27 points of support. In horizontal position the mirror rests on a special belt. Sideways hold ensured with 3 strong grips that secure the mirror also from the above. The whole fitting made entirely of aluminium alloy, powder painted. Bottom and side supports made of natural nylon. Joints made of A2 stainless steel.


During collimation one moves the whole fitting together with the mirror it embraces, therefore the mirror has always ideal, unchanged conditions. An additional advantage of the floating fitting is easy access to the mirror (it is not glued). It may be released at any given time for cleaning, maintenance or renewal of the surface. The opened construction allows for faster mirror cooling.