Mirror Cooling Fans System

The Cooling Fans system significantly reduces the amount of time spent waiting for reach the thermal equilibrium of the optics in the telescope. Observations can be started after 15-30 minutes (depending on the size of the mirror and temperature difference). Recommended especially for medium and large telescopes. The system additionally prevents the accumulation of a layer of warm air above the mirror, which has a positive effect on the contrast of the images.


  • supply voltage: 12V - 8 AA batteries (to acquire separately)
  • quiet fans (max 28dBA) operate without vibrations
  • 4x faster cooling of the mirror.
  • simple assembly without the use of tools
  • 3 large fans with a total efficiency of over 200m³ /h
  • the system fits all telescopes equipped with the central hole M8
  • smooth, lossless fan speed regulation
  • in the set there is a case for storing the system.
  • durable construction with a comfortable grip

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* In the T500 and T600 telescope the fans are mounted directly to the mirror frame due to the lack of a central hole. On request it is possible to order adapters for any telescope.